• Electric pilot

  • Electric pilot

  • Electric pilot

  • Electric pilot

Electric pilot

Compatible with all of our applications for planting, fertilizing, spraying  and all accuracy levels according to the customer’s requirements. 


The system is designed to easily install in a variety of vehicle types and  can be used in all agricultural operations.   The electric actuator is installed under the steering wheel, and boasts a fast mounting system for quick removal when not in use;  it can be used in  tractors, self-propelled sprayers and harvesters.

During the operation, the assisted steering system generates guidance lines; popular guidance paths available with  straight AB, ABcurve and adaptive curve. Likewise, guidance paths pre designed with the office desktop computer can be saved and loaded to the Vcom for later use as a custom guidance pattern with the guidance and automated steering system.



The main advantage of the electric control system is its fast and easy installation, with minimal intervention on the original vehicle components;  that is to say, the actuator moves the steering wheel in the same way as the operator to guide the machine along the guidance line with high-end accuracy. 



The automated steering system generates  georeferenced maps that allow you have a detailed record of the operator’s work. WhiIe operating, it stores such data as date, starting and finishing working times, applied  dose, speed, hectares,  terrain elevation, working area. Our Agromaps software generates reports and maps of all registered variables after application, which enables you to visualize and analyze all these data, hence allowing for better decision-making. 

Speed Map Elevation or relief topographic  map



Interface  Electric motor Gearing Adjustment plate

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