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Tractor Meter


The tractor meter is a software application that enables you to collect, track and report every farming operation. It gives the operator a real-time view of his work rate through parameters such as speed, motor RPM, productivity, operating efficiency, worked land and idle motor percentage. It also allows for setting variable and activity targets, so that the operator can easily check through a color-coded system whether he is within the set target for each variable at any one time.  


  • It allows for target records  of over 70 field information parameters.
  • Targets are ranges with a minimum and maximum rate aimed to keep the operator within the designated range.
  • Main targets: work speed, RPM tractor work, idle motor, operating time, production, Output and total fuel consumption.


  • It enables navigation through 6 configurable devices for every rate target.
  • Visual display maps allow view of boundary, covered area,  and 4 parameter indicators.



  • It automaticaflly identifies any piece of equipment working condition through information provided by the motor, valve command, PTD or other peripheral sensors on the unit. 
  • It integrates CAN network reading through protocol J1939. 
  • It syncs multiple sensors readings.



  • It generates a record of causes for stopping throughout the application process along with a report of stops and causes for downtime. 
  • It controls fuel consumption either automatically or manually by means of the CAN network reading of the equipment or another integrated sensors network reading. 
  • It allows for both corrective and preventive maintenance tasks programming.



  • It records the whole area covered by the unit.
  • It automatically monitors operating, working and idling time.
  • It monitors yield production in ha. and output in ha / h using the recorded working width. 
  • It monitors total fuel consumption in l/h or l/ ha. 
  • It allows for analysis of historical and Pareto charts to identify the main issues that impact on yield.


It allows for information merging through a database interface to generate benchmarking reports on the set parameters, such as operators, equipment, rpm, etc.  


  • It enables to pinpoint improvements in farming operations through a historical analysis of the set parameters, thus allowing for improvements in operating efficiency, iddle motor, etc.


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