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Bait control


The great novelty of Verion for forestry is the toxic ant bait application control. The system is able to regulate the intermittent application of ant baits and configure the doses to be applied in the mounds. 


The system allows you to place baits in small heaps of configurable amount. It is possible to register and georeference each batch with its own requirements, which are automatically loaded once the machine is in the area. In addition:

  • It is user-friendly and easy to operate, providing with information as the work is being done.
  • The system does not require complex adjustments.
  • The computer is located near the tractor operator to facilitate dose operation.



The system allows you to control ants with the same precision used in precision fertilizing, thus controlling the amount of input applied and allowing for specific technical recommendations for each batch through the automatic reading of prescriptions and the previous dose calibration depending on the product to be applied, which ensures accurate applications.

In addition, the system generates reports of all tasks carried out, which are essential for proper work management. It allows you to get such information as location of nests, monitoring of applied areas, distance or space between applications as well as all the information required for a thorough evaluation of the operational performance, such as operating times, work speed, working days, etc.

The information generated can be integrated automatically into a management system, so the data are organized and sent automatically, thus generating reports of great significance for the management of the company, since there will be fulll control of the activities and especially of outsourced services.



  • It allows for dose pre-settings on 3 locations. 
  • Doses are set by weight and not by time. 
  • It calculates the distance between doses automatically. 
  • It recognizes the position of the machine and automatically configures the parameters for each job. 
  • It integrates the recommendation with the record of up to 2 plots. 
  • It records dose and above dose independently. 
  • It georeferences applications and generates a work map. 
  • It can be adapted to machines with different dosing devices. 
  • Flexible computer that allows you to install various software operating jointly, such as rate control, virtual guidance, monitor, auto-steer (electric or hydraulic). 



Speed Map  Dose Application Distribution  Dose georeferenced Map 

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